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I currently work at Other Internet. I've previously worked at FOAM and Sphaera.

I don't consider myself to belong to single 'sector,' but the two main buckets that I work within are positive social/environmental impact and technology, specifically in that order.

My toolset covers strategy, digital product design, research, communications, marketing, and operations, loosely in that order.

Here is a graphic that illustrates the above:



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In addition to documenting my life, the posts on the Entries section of this site are my attempt to make sense of the world around me.

I started writing here to discuss topics that I thought were not sufficiently discussed elsewhere. As such, I hope you feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts or reactions.

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For quite some time I've felt it was difficult to describe exactly "what I do" to you all. I hope that this site serves as a blueprint for understanding my approach towards work, and generally where my mind is at.

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Summer 2019 🌻